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Expectations towers 2013

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Aries 51(March 21 - April 20)Pregnancy frank, clear and honest in his personal relationships. Gathers around good friends and generous. Fiery passion, but squeamish.More towers affection and in defense of his children, he is loyal to his children to the point of sacrifice spirit.When they want only the owners of Aries are able to appearing charming manner which could not resist by the opposite sex. Born Aries to use even unleash powerful energies so as not to feel those who deal with them that they have been affected by the progress that far. HadIn a relationship supposedly born in pregnancy themselves motivation and encouraging person who should have control over everythingjm .The torrential force pregnancy forced those who were born under the influence of the tower to become the lighthouse, which should be the leader in any adventure that requires cooperation.Sometimes it seems that they want to defeat and overcome their partners and they do not love them. People pregnancy are Hamasien people, irreverent and adventurers in love and you will have a permanent desire to push their love towards a new steady-state and partner here may be affected by the spiritual side of this.Loves born pregnancy experience and Aouseloa things to the maximum, so as they say, loving person pregnancy be written document (Kama Sutra) from the beginning or in other words, to start loving pregnancy things with him from beginning to experiment.Taurus (April 21 - May 20)Extraordinary lover, and is aware of the fact passionate feelings.Is a faithful husband and loving to his home.Bull affectionate father or mother.If met his feelings Balasthena turned into a fierce enemy, but easily forgiven if the other party tries to make an effort to do so. Taurus born deeply passionate He is also very loyal.It is highly valued harmony that creates a happy home life.The bull goes to an extreme in his attempts to make the partner happy, which arrived to the love affair will not be considered a sacrifice for a bull passionate emotions and sensations.May not need the baby bull to the good life to the same degree of importance, although he needs to share this life with someone special.For a physical relationship born bull straight and my work in this area. None of the qualities of Taurus speech, which might be described nonsense or rhetoric or complicated words, but this does not mean that the baby bull does not improve dealing with love.In fact may not be a bull understandable passion by others have received music or a form of non-verbal expression sensuous resonate positively with the nature of the bull and occur in line for him.Being very loyal to friends and family, preferably a long-term bull friendships and even looking for relationships or marriage strong despite the fact that his carnal nature has led in the wrong way, especially at a young age.Gemini (May 21 - June 20)'s Characteristics are two aspects: the first drowning in emotion, and the other away from everything that has nothing to do with emotions.Consider to be sure to check out the emotional relationships rational analysis, and find a mockery of the heroes of stories of love, including itself.Do not take things seriously be sure to check out. And be good friends and fun and good knowledge. Gemini spokeswoman tactful and bright, as it is very entertaining.Gemini loves smart dialogue, so the road to the heart of Gemini is born his mind.Better than busy Gemini is stronger and more personal calm him, and he is supposed to exceed and even enjoy the way volatile and anxious in social networking with Gemini, and should be located next to him when exhausted born to check out all his papers.Gemini's desire to follow the path of experience in various aspects of social relations; and as long as the obvious partner, patient, exciting, adventurous and is willing to discuss the details of life, the situation would be very nice for him. Born Gemini is not by nature far from the tendency of displacement and lounging so Valharikan here may have been prone to separation and divorce; However, the ideal situation is that born Gemini thinks immediate Palmta of experience transient not Evcirbeltaaml with the dangers they may face.Company Gemini great company it has a lot of thrill and renewal. They think they Satakton any obstacles easily through their tongues and their words fresh - and they'll be able to afford lapses partner as long as the ambient feel Balbladh or boredom.Cancer (June 21-July 20)Cancer loyalty first to the husband or wife and family, and sees itself as the protector of the family.Cancer loves all his faculties, and gives a lot without waiting for.Raging passion cancer makes it easy to influence.Cancer is a sincere friend, but severe intolerance to his people. Looking cancer, nest and a safe haven.Often line the tower more births thing with people who understand the creative side has and accept his status which is in terms of mood and foul everything.Being born cancer has a strong passion is looking for a partner balanced and responsive at the same moment should understand this cancer need to partner isolation from time to time, this need that comes with alternating social desire for the company, as well as encouragement.Cancer defender and loving person to have but it is not the person controlling it is possible to become loved jealous when he feels insecure. Although born cancer is a protective shield in the face of the outside world but it is sensitive and attaches importance to the innate natural things.Cancer lover looking for safety and sincerity, and could hurt the baby cancer deeply when betray the person who cares is about confidence and the Secretariat (which will never be easy).Cancer poetic and romantic and interested in the sensory aspects, and when it is with your beloved, cancer-confidence that things will prosper and succeed with this beloved.Leo (21 July - 20 August)Characterized by Assad in his openness, sincerity, authenticity, and trust. Assad is a social, spontaneous, good-hearted, compassionate and honest. Despite the apparent kindness, it loses confidence in persons who disappoint their hopes.Sincere lover and has a passion that seem to heat unit Shididtan difficult to resist them. It may not seem Assad is willing to try new things not be stemmed from his imagination is but beloved smartphone can provide and slowly new ways to express love in a relationship the couple, if realized Assad that these methods will be fun and playful him Vsaqublha immediately and supported.May stick Leos bad relations because of that feeling Balona and has a self, which does not allow him to recognize that he has made a mistake, as well as the extreme optimism it does not see any problem that it is not invincible.Moreover Leos will prove a wonderful companion. Driven by his love for the children to be a father or mother of the internal nature. Leos cream, warm and has a genuine desire to reach for the best for all people. The loyalty and feelings of dignity and honor has qualities are inherent and has not separate.Virgo (August 21 - September 20)Hides born under this tower emotions whatever emotion mask of coldness.The reason for his refusal to succumb to these emotions he does not trust others or to himself or rulings.Born in the tower, such as water deep valley that apply quietly. Characterized his humble style, conscious and conservative. And is a good communicator, wise, and able to understand the problems of others. Enjoy both sexes in this tower gravity and dignity. As harbor all the love for their wives and their spouses. Born of the Virgin are as valves fused slowly with respect within a relationship of love and adoration, when you reach these valves to the threshold of ignition may reach conditions to blowouts that ignites the white heat and that will take time to cool and back to its origin.It is also difficult to satisfy born Virgo easily natures frequent criticism of personal habits to others, which could hamper access to productive relationships with people or even participating in the collective relations at the working level.They usually do not want to discuss their feelings with others but deep with a trusted person or lover. If anyone wants to know them closely and deeply must be patient in this case, born of the Virgin will prove they are friends for life or it can be good husbands or boyfriends.Once a link virgin births anyone is interested Bhabibh will be exposed to the Virgin jealousy. Above all, the born of the Virgin devote themselves to their comrades also are showing a willingness to serve these comrades.Libra (September 21 - October 20)Understand in their personal relationships born in balance and other points of view, and they come to a settlement with the others, even at the expense of their personal interests.Therefore, we find that their marriages always succeed. Good balance excess toward his partner working on the treatment of any dispute that may arise. It has the ability to understand the needs of the partner and waive his mistakes. Home and beloved first marriage to Librans. Time spent with your beloved family and feel more perfect and to a large extent their love relationship would be embodied in their personality and acquires them.May be balance Shahuanaa and eager to discover all of the spiritual and physical aspects of relationships. Shows the creative side of the balance of births in those moments that the Bhabesaagh relations as well as moments of entering into these relationships.Whose sole purpose is to have fun and harmony. Preferably balance to be followed to be a follower, and whenever partner or even showed any of the comrades admired the balance whenever he was in much happier.Largely consistent balance with a distinct person understands his need for romance and search for Albeihalmthalah. Born collaborators balance, their imagination, and they have a desire to test and experimenting with all types of relationships.Libra-Saeed is a person who is not just a confluence of two relations, but fusion of two people in life as if they were one personScorpio (October 21 - November 20)Scorpio is a sex symbol and born in Scorpio lovers passion Mtajaji, and more towers active and energetic. For them is union with holy love. Strong feelings degree that their love is supreme and perfect. Dark and mysterious which is as it mixed with irresistible charismatic charming Vsewold the opposite sex.Is exciting to physical desire and need to fit person with great ability in the delivery of all things to their limit and beyond the border. For Scorpion has deep feelings and intuition recipe has will be remarkably accurate, so reception has hardware partner pick up expected at first sight.However, it often wants to retain a portion of his own personal corner of the display. You will be a strong reaction when trying beloved dive in itself. Scorpion can be dominant and unusually ruler in his personal and private scorpion when he realizes that the weaker partner.The big problem has is to find someone strong enough at the same time this partner can live a stormy life style to remain the focus of attention for the scorpion but when Scorpio finds the right person he will mate for life.Sagittarius (November 21 - December 20)Sagittarius honest and clear in love and a little funky. If successful in his marriage, becomes a devoted husband and a loving father. Always need a sense of freedom. The large number of his works and their concerns at the expense of his family and his partner. Compete Female bow her partner, even if they do not work outside the home. The weak to express her feelings may also accuses frosty. Including born bow impatient and eager to make others happy to see that the integrity of excessive be excessive for those who prefer mystery and fuzzy way in love.More consistent arc births with balanced and powerful personalities that understands his need for independence as well as they should be present next to the bow when his mood is awry and out of the ordinary for a temporary period.May be a rush and expressly bow replace misunderstanding by others may threaten to communicate with those owners a conservative method of dealing. Although born in Sagittarius hate link but they love to experiment with respect to all forms of social relations.As long as the partner is able to maintain harmony with concerns widespread in Sagittarius is ready to go to new experiences in the love affair (and certainly this partner does not care that reciprocated arc same thing) the relationship the two partners will be exciting and will last to long to some extent. If mutual integrity and honesty are the key to success for the arc.Capricorn (December 21 - January 20)Characterized by serious personal relationships either unhappy or unstable. Deems treats strangers with extreme caution. Snooping on others, and thus does not allow them to intervene in their own affairs.Almost the only people who are able to understand. In transatlantic relations find a diplomatic, tactful and reticent. Although few of his friends but he strongly loyal to them, as well as is unfaithful in his marriage. Has great skill in dealing with people and shows that immediately after breaking the first barrier with the other party.In terms of social relations often have serious slow start this relationship but soon proves that darted in to subscribe to a also maintains long-term relationships and loyalty to friends.Often seems born Capricorn they Hmasyun and adventurers in the arts of love when it is the encouragement and raising in this area, but may appear serious zealous and loving to own when it feels threatened. May be affected Shahu partner feels strongly passion with Capricorn and that comes from under the chill outside it appears this Capricorn.Born Capricorn faithful in the marriage relationship, they offer sacrifices good as well as the struggle for the development of domestic relations and make them strong.Tries serious and hard to conceal printing non demure has and which disappears under the apparent ambition and material success, but Mars is granted this emotion is often bubble is visible under the surface apparent, when lifting the curtain glides emotions and hurtling like lava explosive volcano.In fact born Capricorn loves when standing on stable ground to enjoy is to live in pleasure obtained from reputable Cunha.Aquarius (January 21 to February 20)Although Aquarius attractive personality and humor and love to help others, but it is capable of creating real relationships and friendships with others. But if he decides that someone is worth his love and friendship, you see doing his best and harnesses charisma get close to him, loyal lifetime. Said of one of the most important needs large with Aquarians are needed to complementary relationship gives him freedom and patience along with the rush and excitement of physical and intellectual . With the right person will be Aquarians loved full of emotion, a springboard and understanding likes and seeks to maintain a bond for life.Recipe accept things will calm rebellious foul when Aquarius Unlike many rarely feels Aquarius Baltalm a result of jealousy.Sexual drift in Aquarius is not that powerful force, but sometimes he needs to discover and find something encourages and pushes forward the other is the one who gives the impression that his desires are not invincible.Aquarius may be loved predisposed for fun and amusement and tends recipe alert and vigilance has the Aquarians provide plenty to satisfy your partner. Aquarians opens on all forms of experimentation (in order to obtain the knowledge) and of course the area of ​​relationships and sex is not an exception in this area as well.Although the Aquarius looking in the depths of the love of safety authenticity as well as the discovery of new fields is familiar makes it attractive for the partner if the partner of people who have minds and bodies that beyond the framework of the ordinary.Pisces (February 21 - March 20)Characterized Pisces love of others in his personal relationships, and tends to give more than take. Requires the partner to be responsive and is compatible with the idea and spirit.And can con who shows kindness and friendliness before marriage and turn to be reversed after the marriage shall be unhappy in his marriage. But born in Pisces are better loyalty to their families in general.Needs born Pisces fact because need others to them. They already suffer from a fear arising from the possibility of rejection by others and lack of self-confidence.Whale births nice person and cares about others but is always fall prey to the partner if this partner of the dominant personalities and they do not care about others.They indulge in the experiences of their comrades or from them. If partner was a strong personality and care for the other things Vsaitir Pisces Lucky about the new peaks. On the other hand if whale found himself in relationship Thoz not satisfied will live lengthy suffering and grief and dominated by a sense that he deserved this misery and assume here the role of the martyr and the victim.Best if a newborn whale is when dealing with a solid figure enjoy romantic fiction has. There will be no lover more fulfilling and attention from someone Pisces though he needs to confirm the emotions and sensations repeatedly sometimes turns into flirtations.Among the towers are all whale is the most loving and giving, and the possibility to choose the whale an inappropriate partner is a strong possibility. In the proper relationship will evolve to deal has sexual and turns into what looks like artistic creativity, especially when advanced slightly in age or experience or increase self-confidence.


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